Come to where form meets function. Designed by world-renowned architects, HOK of New York, the elegance of Golden Grand is further accentuated by the 84% unbuilt space. A stately façade and intelligent lighting come together to make it a soon-to-be well recognized landmark. The remarkable architecture is as functional as it is aesthetic. Unlike run-of-the-mill apartments, there are no shared or common walls at Golden Grand : each apartment is treated as an independent residential unit. This means more privacy and a better architectural design. Not to mention, the augmented structural strength. With a graceful curved outline, a swanky address and well-appointed community features, Golden Grand elevates everyday to a celebration of life's finer side.

Eco-Friendly Signature Homes from the World No.l

  • Designed by HOK, World's No.l Architecture Firm
  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Design
  • Sciography-based Master Planning
  • Placement of Condo-towers around circles (with a host of advantages)
  • Daylight reaches all Condos at various times throughout the day
  • Overcoat Skin Wall
  • Sun-glare & Heat Reduction
  • Wind-noise & Pressure Reduction
  • Facade with Strong Character and Visual Harmony
  • Windows on 3 sides of all Condos
  • Meticulous Internal Traffic Planning
  • Design based on Geo-bio Energy
  • Unique Leaf-shaped Design
  • Curved Surfaces face Wind Direction, Enabling Maximum Wind to Enter Inner Spaces
  • No Common Walls with Neighbors
  • Maximum Main Doors are not Opposite to each other
  • Post-modern Architecture
  • Ageless Facade Design
  • 126 metres away from the Main Road
  • Bathrooms not Visible to Neighbours' Apartments or other Towers
  • Protected Balconies